Great Makeup Artist Websites

In this post we investigate some makeup artist websites that we like and don't like. What do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know.
Julie Brown in Vancouver

We are particularly proud of Julie’s website as our founder, Mayur Jobanputra, built it :). Mayur started working with Julie several years ago. The site you see today is the 4th version that has been made. 

What we like:

  • Unique brand and design
  • Clearly shows Julie as a Professional artist
  • Amazing gallery pages
  • Excellent booking page

What could be better:

  • Updated content
  • Could be more responsive
Maria Charles in United Kingdom

Maria Charles in the UK has a very clean looking website that gets her key services across in a very clear way. The website is built in WordPress by The Beauty of Marketing team.

What we like:

  • Great selection of fonts
  • Good use of whitespace
  • Great photos

What could be better:

  • Book Online goes to Facebook
  • The site is only one page
  • There is no online gallery
  • The logo is hard to read

There are plenty of great things to say about Maria’s website. One mistake we see with clients is not having a good booking form. Having a useful booking form (like this one we did for Julie) is very important for your makeup business.

Why? Because every interaction your clients have with your brand matters. The booking form is one of those “touchpoints” and it tells them something about you.

We know from experience that a good booking form can turn your business around. It’s good for Google (google looks for it) and you can actually monitor the number of people that use your booking form, how many visit, how many complete, etc.

When you run any kind of business these days, data can help you understand your users better and a good booking form can provide insight you might not have seen before.

Sandra Kuntz in Germany

Sandra Kuntz in Germany runs a studio & school and offer permanent makeup services. Her website is clean, and clearly laid out and is built in WordPress.

What we like:

  • Services are clear and obvious
  • Training classes are on the home page
  • Service pages have lots of info and pricing

What could be better:

  • The brand style is fairly vague
  • The appointment booking form should be better
  • The website is missing a gallery

This seems to be a pattern with MUAs – not having a photo gallery of work. I suppose it’s easier to tell clients to go to your Instagram, but that’s a mistake. The moment they leave your website, they might find someone else, get distracted, or not book with you. 

Once a potential client comes to your website, you want them to stay on your site. Give them everything they need; a good booking experience, photos, and more.

A key part of our Marketing strategy for clients is just that: keep clients on your site.

Lab Salon in USA

Lab Salon in Pittsburgh is a Salon and Brow studio so they aren’t just a makeup studio. The website is built in WordPress by Vermillion Creative.

What we like:

  • Professionally designed
  • Fonts and colors are striking and bold
  • Booking is done via

What could be better:

  • We like their use of SimpleSpa but the iframe can be a problem on mobile
  • The blog needs a cleanup
  • Site is missing a gallery

Here we go again. No photo gallery of work. Makeup and beauty is a visual medium and not having photos on your website is a missed opportunity. 

Every makeup artist, photographer, and spa should have great photos on the website. Don’t rely on Instagram as your only source of business.

Mina Dair in United Kingdom

Mina Dair in United Kingdom has a wonderfully built website. The website is built in WordPress by The Beauty of Marketing team.

What we like:

  • Excellent photos
  • The site has a gallery page

What could be better:

  • SEO and page content should be better
  • Location information is missing (I had to dig through her Insta to find out where she was located)
  • No testimonials
  • Service pages are missing

There is a lot to like about Mina’s site. It’s clear, professional, and the photos are excellent. It’s really sparse on content though and from our experience, Google matters a lot in how well your site ranks.

Imagine if your website was on the first page when someone searched for “Makeup Artist London”?

When we searched on Google, Mina’s website doesn’t show up anywhere.

Our past experience working with Julie proves that Google’s ranking plays a big role in your business success. 

If you don’t show up, it doesn’t matter how pretty your website looks, you are going to struggle as a business owner.

Beauty Room in Canada

Beauty Room in Toronto Canada has a well design website built in WordPress by DGDEV.

What we like:

  • Clear call to action on the home page
  • Booking process is well done through
  • Consistent page layout

What could be better:

  • Fonts and colors could be better
  • The brand style needs a polish
  • Missing a gallery page
  • Missing an about page

This site is well done. The service pages have lots of content and provide plenty of information about the services available. We like how the photos are on each of the service pages as well.

There really isn’t a lot we would change about this site except for perhaps a design re-style to give the brand more impact.

Fiona Styles in Los Angeles

Fiona Styles in Los Angeles is an Emmy winning stylist based in Los Angeles. The website is built in Squarespace by an unknown team.

What we like:

  • The photos are superb – her large body of work speaks for itself
  • Minimal to the extreme – nothing that doesn’t need to be there

What could be better:

  • I would want to see her back story a bit more – maybe in audio or video form

This artist is hard to critique. She is an elite artist that is internationally recognized so we assume that she doesn’t take “regular clients” for wedding, fashion or creative work.

Assuming that her target market is a-list celebrities, she probably doesn’t care much for content marketing (ex: blogging) or having a better booking form.

If you are just starting out in your career, don’t make the mistake of copying this site. You need to start ranking on Google (that means content) and building a portfolio of work.

Brigitte Reiss-Anderson in USA

Brigitte Reiss Andersen in USA is an internationally recognized artist represented by A-Frame Agency. The website is builtin Wix.

What we like:

  • Minimal design
  • Hero photos are impressive

What could be better:

  • The site does a very poor job of representing her brand
  • The site lacks the polish that her name and brand deserves

As much as we respect and appreciate how busy Brigitte must be, it’s hard to grasp the overall standard of her website. It could be so much better and is an opportunity to tell a great story about her brand. The website aims to be better, but fails to impress us with the polish and design.

Being built in Wix is a telltale sign that she needs to work with an agency that can help her stand out.

Janice Daoud in Los Angeles

Janice Daoud is a celebrity artist based in Los Angeles. The website is built with

What we like:

  • Lots of photos
  • Well laid out and easy to navigate

What could be better:

  • Her main domain name redirects to
  • The site lacks written content and is mostly media
  • Her booking page is just an email address

It seems to be a trend with celebrity artists that they are represented by an agency. Perhaps this is the right way to proceed as you become more popular. We aren’t sure. We would love to chat with a celebrity artist to get a better understanding of how they see their business.

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